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Product Design


In this project, the design problem is something rising in importance. People are ordering more and more products online, which results in the increase of package traffic.

The problem that accompanies this new phenomen, is that people cannot always be at home to receive their parcel. Especially for people that live outside of the city, where neighbours are living too far away to receive their package. I designed a solution for these people.

The solution for this problem consists of a big box where the delivery can leave the package, safe and secure. The deliverer presses one of his feet down on the pedal which lifts up the top part of the big box. The package can now be placed on a horizontal plate, that is split up in two along the vertical axe. When the deliverer lifts his foot off the pedal, the top part closes, and the horizontal plate splits in two, which makes way for the package to fall down to another compartment. In this way, the package is secure, safe for robbery and can only be accessed by the owner of the box.

Watch the video to get an impression about the functional operation.