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Silent Book


For a Graphic Design Contest, called SILENT BOOK, I designed together – with 2 other Designers of the Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal – a book without words. The format of the book is an accordeon, which means the pages are glued side to side.

The book is about a boy who isn’t able to speak, because he is silenced by world wide problems, like war, hunger, oppression and many more. On the way, he finds a way to express himself by music. When playing the guitar, people are gathering around and are starting to show sympathy, which means they are uniting as one again. At the end of the story, the boy sees a girl that is in the exact situation as where he started, so the story starts over again.

The style of the book consists of 5 lines, which are straight lines in the beginning, just like a music sheet. The idea behind the book is that music bring people together.

"The music is always there, but is shown in different forms"