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What do we do?


Bakx Design is a company specialized in Graphic Design and designs visuals in various formats, like menu’s, t-shirt designs, logo’s, brochures, flyers, posters, and so on!
Bakx Design is founded by Jules Bakx in May 2020. We first started making restaurant menu’s and from that point on, we broadened our potencies to t-shirt designs, logo’s and so much more.
Currently, Bakx Design is a global business with various clients over the whole world, like the United States of America, Asia, Europe and South Afrika.

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What about the owner?

About the owner


Jules Bakx is the owner of Bakx Design. From his birth on, he was always been bussy being creative. After 6 years of high school at the Mgr. Frencken College in The Netherlands, he started studying Industrial Design Engineering on the faculty of TU Delft, The Netherlands, what he is currently studying.

When someone asked him if he had some experience with Adobe programmes and could help him make some changes to his menu, he said yes without any hesitation. After changing more and more, he started making complete new menu’s. This kept going on, expanding to more services, like logo’s, flyers, posters, websites and more!

Want to know more about Jules or seek contact with him? Don’t hesitate to send him a message!

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