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The family business was founded in 1998 and started with 40 demountable boxes for the accommodation and well-being of horses.

The logo is made up of a horse and a tent. The owner of Stable & Rent indicated during the client meeting that they are recognized at events by the unique shape of these tents. To further realize this phenomenon, this characteristic shape can also be found in the logo.

Part of the L.S.V. Leiden.

The Infection and Immunity Symposium is an annual meeting organised by and for the master students I&I. The symposium committee wanted a logo that suited their theme of this year: The Enemy Within.

The logo is based on the MSc I&I logo, which is a bacteria and a virus combined, in a purple color pallet. For this theme, the Trojan horse is a great example to show the enemy within. The magnifying glass illustrates what the symposium will do, look into the details and zoom in.

This organisation is part of the Utrecht University.

The desire to combine new nature with a social, sustainable, living community is therefore due to the experiences we have gained in Finland, because of our love for nature, but also because of our dissatisfaction with the current (economic) situation with regard to the housing market. . Sharing housing costs within a community makes housing a lot more affordable, so that you can live in a way that really suits you.

Another Logo Design, this time for Uw webshop specialist! This company makes stunning webshops within a small time range and also for a fair price.

DECOUPESALON is a hairdresser located in the Netherlands, who also performs micro hair pigmentation MHP.

The owner is social and loves a good talk. When getting a haircut here, you will feel like home and have a warm welcome. Surely something to try out!

A special hairdresser combined with MHP, something you won’t see a lot, this is what makes this company special.

A Logo Design for the Jacobushoeve Streekwinkel. The inspiration is based on a farm life with cows and lots of love. An intergrated heart between the legs of the cow to show the solidarity between the company and the customers!

Visgids Brabant, a company that arranges days out on the Biesbosch for predatory fish hunting where you can learn more about fishing techniques, types of bait and the predatory fish that swim around here.
For the owner of the company, Erik Reker, we designed their new logo with the Brabant flag and family shield as inspiration. The predatory fish origines from the purpose of the company.

This design for Kringloopmetmij got it’s inspiration from the products that this company sells. These 4 attributes present the overall items being sold.

The circular arrows point out the fact that these products are second-hand and get a new life when bought.

The colors are pastels, which fits the personal style of the owner of this company, Babet Trommelen.

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