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Het Zaanse Hoekje


ZAH 001 Menu Design Het Zaanse Hoekje 01 scaled

Het Zaanse Hoekje is a restaurant based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They already exist since 2003, with serving a lot of different types of dishes and drinks. They serve various types of lunches, but also dinners. Besides that, they also offer catering on location.

We designed their new menu, that got a refreshment after several years of being used. The menu got a fresh look, with a touch of robustness. The menu is displayed on a wooden clipboard, with the possibility to change only one page when an update is needed. The design is rather simplistic in the use of colors, but gives a lot of depth, with old-school style sketches of burgers, fries and more.

ZAH 001 Menukaart Het Zaanse Hoekje Mockup scaled
ZAH 001 Menu Design Het Zaanse Hoekje 02 scaled
The menu and the workable file are designed in a way, that the client can make small adjustments himself. The structure is easily accesible to change, and dishes and prices can be changed accordingly.
ZAH 001 Menu Design Het Zaanse Hoekje 03 scaled