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Restaurant Jacobushoeve is one of our main clients, where we were given the opportunity to design their whole corporate identity.

Jacobushoeve is a restaurant in the south of the Netherlands, where a lot of bikers stop for an ice cream break, a lunch or dinner.

Jacobushoeve also provides in catering on location or in their own field full of cows and farm life.

To start off, we designed their restaurant menu, with the lunch and dinner combined in one. Besides that we also design special menu’s for them, based on the season and type of activity.

Jacobushoeve is also familair for its delicious homemade ice cream. In front of the restaurant, is an ice cream display with cards indicating the flavour and allergens.

When arriving at the restaurant, the first thing you will see is this big banner with indicated directions where to go. It is the main eye-catcher of the place and shows the guest the options.

When leaving, the last thing the guests see is another banner, with the text: “Goodbye, see you soon at Jacobushoeve”.

We also design a lot of things for the social media for the Jacobushoeve. In this way, they are also visible online and could reach potential guests. With different activities and gatherings, there is always something to do.

Besides having an ice cream display in the restaurant, the Jacobushoeve also has an ice cream trailer which they put to use during sunny days.