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LIE 03 scaled

Quoted by the owner Babet Trommelen:

“But.. Hereby my new logo! It is made by Bakx Design. I was looking for a logo that would fit on a totebag. Hahaha, is that a good reason for a new logo? I loooooveeee totebags. If you receive a marriage album, you will get a free totebag. How cool is that!?!?”

“Okay back to the logo. Im really satisfied with it, it is also fantastic in black (on a totebag) and in white. It is sweet, handy because its readable in a specific frame. ANNND I drew the heart on the I and the heart on the background myself! Cool right!”

– Babet Trommelen, Owner liefdemoetjevieren

LIE 001 Logo Design liefdemoetjevieren scaled